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Ervik Havfiske Group – Norway’s biggest longline company

For thousands of years, the inhabitants of the rugged Stad peninsula on the west coast of Norway have made a living from the sea through fishing. Based on the Stad peninsula, the Ervik Havfiske Group has grown to become Norway’s biggest longline company. Its annual catch of high-quality seafood products exceeds 20,000 tons of mainly headed and gutted fish, but the company also produces value added consumer-ready products.

The Ervik Havfiske Group is pro-actively leading the way in the eco-labelling of fish. Both Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea and Patagonian and Antarctic Toothfish from the Antarctic are certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). The company is KRAV certified for the supply of Norwegian Cod and Haddock. KRAV is a Swedish organization that develops and maintains regulations for ecological and sustainable food and agriculture.

Ervik Havfiske is one of the world´s leading companies when it comes to toothfishing in the Southern Ocean. Read more about the exciting fishery here:

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